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Vodafone mobile Wi-Fi R206 unboxing and specifications.Vodafone offers high end 3G MiFi and Mobile Wifi devices with high internet 3G speeds. 3G Mobile WiFi can also be used as 3G MiFi router to connect multiple devices up to 10. Vodafone R206 Z 3G MiFi. Such information is provided only for the convenience of the subscribers / customers / users and Vodafone does not undertake any liability.

Vodafone R206 3G Mobile WiFi Hotspot is a new pocket MiFi from HUAWEI. The HUAWEI R206 is upgraded from HUAWEI R205 MiFi and supports maximum download speed up to 21Mbps. The Vodafone R206 MiFi looks like HUAWEI E5220 Mobile Hotspot, but it's with Vodafone.Affordable WiFi hotspot. The Vodafone R207 is the most affordable ultra low cost Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot supporting HSPA+ (21Mbps) as well as Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n standards with security encryption.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi – R206-Z NAT settings Choose NAT settings from the left hand menu bar to configure the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi to authorise network access to specific applications (usually gaming applications) to allow them to work correctly.I have a Vodafone R207-Z WiFi Modem that has had the password changed and I don't know the password, Instructions are to do a factory Reset but it does not have a reset button. Can anyone help please? There is only support for the R206-Z and R209-Z modems on the Vadacom web site, I assume they are very similar.

Vodafone R206 User Manual. Mobile wi-fi. Vodafone R206-Z Advanced Configuration Manual 58 pages. Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Monitor app. Smartphone and tablet users can check the device status by downloading the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Monitor app from the App Store in iTunes or the Android Market / Google Play.1 The Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R206 creates a personal portable Wi-Fi zone which allows several Wi-Fi enabled devices (for example PCs, Apple ® iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or mobile gaming devices such as Nintendo® DSi, Android devices including the Samsung® Galaxy Tab) to share a secure mobile internet connection.