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This Third Manual of Organometallics in Synthesis features completely new content and topics, with an eye towards providing researchers with the most useful .

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Catalysis offers the unique possibility of fast and selective synthesis of The hydroformylation of 3 yields trans-isomer 22b with a 98% diastereoisomeric .

3. C. CH. 3. O. Basic Organometallic Reactions. There are several additional fundamental types of reactions in -The addition of Nu: or Nu- is stereospecifically trans to the metal. complexes are stable enough to allow standard aromatic.

Organometallic compounds are particularly suited to the determination of 3. Reaction of a Grignard reagent with a metal halide. Grignard reagents are Some typical reactions that illustrate alkyl group transfer are the following A different type of direct synthesis involves the reaction of the metal with an alkyl halide.