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Van Sant Enterprises specializes in high performance metal fabrication tools and equipment. On this page you will find a selection of the finest quality tools available for metalshaping such as English wheels, planishing hammers, power hammers, shrinker/stretchers, hand tools, and shaping stations.A lot was accomplished in the way of Metal Shaping, but something significant had been set in motion, and with the help of all the participants, it quickly developed into an annual event, one that many waited all year in anticipation to attend.

with a cloth and lightly oil all unpainted metal surfaces to prevent rusting. Preferably the Shaper should be bolted down to a level concrete floor, the machine being levelled, using steel wedges between the pads on the cabinet base and the floor until a precision level placed along and across the top of the table indicates that the machine is level. The electric supply should be connected.Search in Forum(s) Also search in child forums. These are the 4 most-searched-for thread tags. Search Tag Cloud custom dash hotrod sheet metal: All times.

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Please use the "Forum Issues and Discussions" section for discussing announcements. Forum Issues and Discussions A place to discuss problems, suggestions or ideas for the forum.Shaping a bowl was one of my first practice projects.This will give you a understanding on how to shrink some metal. Lets start off with what tools you will need to get started. The first thing you will need is a stump.You want to find a hardwood stump.I.

It all depends on what kind of metal shaping you want to do. edit: sorry was typing while you posted. If you just want to make small bends in sheet, head to home depot, or lowes and go into the ducting section and find some small breaks.Forgot about this pic; milling the sides of the ram flat and parallel. Because of the wear and sag of my mill table, If I used the end of the endmill with the edge to be milled facing upwards it would be bulged in the middle. is the official website of the International MetalMeet — a gathering of metalshaping pros and hobbyists.Metal forming and shaping is the process of shaping things out of metal. The metalworking process of forming and shaping involves changing the size and shape of the metal work piece. These metal changes occur through the process of shrinking, stretching, rolling, bending and shearing.