WELDY PRO heat gun is a simple and basic heat gun designed for everyday use. Similar in design to the WELDY PIC, but features a potentiometer (knob) which provides the user the capability of infinite temperature adjustment.

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Whether you are removing paint, shrinking wire wrap, loosening fittings or defrosting pipes, the pic is ideal for work at home and quick, occasional professional jobs. Materials warm up very quickly thanks to the revolutionary coil design. The low weight and ergonomic handle of the heat gun make work easy. Two temperature settings, 350°C / 550°C.

  • Iglobalbuy 110V 1500W Hot Air Torch Plastic Welding Gun Welder Pistol Hot Gas Welder with Weldy 1600W Professional Hot Air Equipment Hot Blast Torch Overlap Air Welding Gun Welder Pistol Tool 1 x English Manual Download.

  • This professional heat gun is designed for car wrapping and general vinyl heating. The Weldy Pro is a dual temperature control heat gun (100-550°C) that includes a two-step air flow control switch, a potentiometer for temperature adjustment and double insulated power.

  • these instructions and give them to persons that have not been WELDY.book Seite 6 Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2006 1:02 13 contains lead. This can be done by your local health department or by a professional who uses a paint analyzer Keep the heat gun moving as excessive heat will generate fumes which can be inhaled .

  • 391-00501 - The Weldy Pro and Plus are compact, lightweight heat guns. With manual or automatic cable tie guns you hold all advantages: bundling systems, .

  • The Weldy Plus Heat Gun can be used in a variety of applications, including: stripping paint and varnish, shrinking / softening, thawing, drying, and automotive repair.

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Established in 1999, Weldy has since become a leading brand for hot air tools. By today, Weldy is a global provider of functional devices with a good price/performance ratio for the fields of plastic welding and shrinking.

  1. Each heat gun is covered under a full warranty for one year from the date of purchase. Click on each product to learn more about Quick-Touch, Dualtemp, Varitemp, and LCD Proheat heat guns today. The reason behind the Master Proheat reputation is pure and simple: an ergonomic and lightweight design that reduces operator fatigue overall.

  2. WELDY PRO 1800W / 230V EU-plug, kit The popular version with the simple, manual controllable temperature adjustment by a potentiometer. perfectly to the work requirements at hand. Variable temperature control, 100 – 550°C; Two-stage air volume; Ergonomic gun handle; Lightweight Downloads. Details General .

  3. This professional heat gun is designed for car wrapping and general vinyl heating. The Weldy Plus features an intelligent terminal display with memory function which guides you from 14 applications or material menus direct.

LEISTER and WELDY are brands of Leister Technologies AG and belong to this business unit. Industrial Heating Laser Systems. Since 1967, LEISTER has been the global market leader for hot-air modules and blowers, as well as hot-air blowers for industrial process heat applications.