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Well, after over a year, we finally sold the wifes Triumph Stag and bought a 99 Pathy for her. Had it almost 4 weeks now and already I look at it and think how much better it would be with a real motor.Oct 19, 2015 I was more interested in that manual transmission lever that stuck out of the gaping hole that once housed the shifter for the factory slush.An adapter plate for the VH41DE engine to 350Z 370Z KA24DE transmissions, also used for the 350ZHR transmissions with the Concentric Slave Cylinder, thisĀ .

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Dec 29, 2014 0 Donor Car, Ran great, Had reverse, Forward gears slipped. Image (got hit in Hell I have two manual trans, if one goes I've got a spare. Why source Here is the mod I did on the headers to allow them to fit. It should.We've designed our VH45 to VG 5 speed transmission kit to be a direct bolt on kit with no cutting or The flywheel pilot on the crankshaft does require a modification to allow the flywheel spacer to This adapter does not fit the VH41 block.Dec 2, 2012 my VH41DE S14 build Australia/New Zealand. manual gearbox to go behind my VH after modifying my thermostat housing i found.