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  • Accessory Overhaul Service: Starters, alternators and magnetos are overhauled in-house. Carburetor and Bendix fuel injectors are available for exchange.

  • SECTION I INTRODUCTION 1.1. In line with the Teledyne Continental Motors program of product improvement, this parts catalog is presented in looseleaf.

  • Bendix magneto: S6RN-23 Bendix Magneto troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. Bendix S4LN-xxx, S4RN-xxx, S6LN-xxx, S6LN-xxx are the most common types of magnetos. The Bendix magneto, also known as an ignition .

  • C75, C85, C90 & O-200 Series Engines Overhaul Manual. 31 August 2011 Two Magnetos (Bendix S4RN-21 or S4LN-21). Eight Shielded Spark Plugs.

  • Mags are Bendix S4LN-20/21 screws, washers etc. whereas for other magnetos they don't, according to the inspection/overhaul manual.

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  1. Example from the Lycoming Overhaul manual: TIO-541-E1B4D Where: TIO - The prefix as described above. 541 - The engine's cubic.

  2. Plan1 Capability List 2524624-6D 2524634-1 2524634-8 2524638B 2524640-1 2524640-8 2524645B 2524648B 2524650B 2524654-21 2524665 2524665-1 2524673-8 2524681-1.

  3. QAA stocks a wide variety of Bendix Aircraft Magnetos. We also offer Bendix magneto overhaul and repair services. Contact us for more information.

contained in this bulletin at each magneto overhaul, 500 hour inspection, each time S4LN-21. 10-51360-47. S6LN-25. 10-79020-11, 10-79020-17. S4LN-204 specified locations in the manuals listed in TABLE 2 until the manual is updated .

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KELLY AEROSPACE BENDIX MAGNETO REPAIR KITS S20 & S21 These Standard, 10-51360-45, 10-51360-47, 10-51360-55, 10-51360-58, S4LN-21, .

S4LN-21. 10-51360-58. S6RN-1225. 10-349350-4. S4LSC-21. 10-500514-1 (included in TCM Ignition Systems Master Service Manual, Form X40000):.

Bendix S4LN,S6LN Series A-C Mags 1959 Overhaul Manual. Aircraft Magnetos Types S4LN-20,S4LN-21,S4RN-21,S4LN-23,S6LN- 0,S6LN-21,S6RN-21 .