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Emotron M20 Reverse function Addendum English Emotron M20 Shaft Power Monitor Special functions (windows 35, 36 and 65) ”Reverse function” This instruction is valid for Emotron M20, 01-2551-01, (from software version.

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Emotron M20 Belastungssensor Datenblatt Deutsch Der M20 bietet vollständige Flexibilität in Bezug auf den Schutztyp, der für Ihre Anwendung benötigt.

  1. CG Drives Automation, 01-5958-02r0 Beschreibung 5 3Beschreibung Die vorliegende Bedienungsanleitung beschreibt Installation und Inbetriebnahme des Emotron M20 Belastungswächters.

  2. Emotron M20 Shaft Power Monitor Data Sheet English Open the catalog to page 1 The M20 provides complete flexibility in terms of the type of protection required for your application.

  3. This instruction manual describes the installation and commissioning of the. M20 load monitor. The M20 supervises induction motor driven equipment.

The Emotron M20 shaft power monitor offers advanced multi-function monitoring and a display for load indication and parameter setting. It is ideal for protecting many different applications including pumps in general, centrifugal pumps, magnetic pumps, screw and impeller pumps, mixers, scrapers, crushers, conveyor systems.

The Emotron M20 immediately detects over- and underload due to, for example, a pump running dry or a crusher jamming. A unique technique to calculate shaft power results in an accurate and reliable supervision across the whole load range.