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Is the Remington SPR 453 threaded for RemChoke? When Remington bought this line all they did was slap their name on the other side of the gun. The one I seen at BPS the other day still had the Baikal logo on the other side along with EAA. I have the Baikal Mp-153 version (same gun) and it is threaded for TruChoke system.

  1. owner’s manual, contact the manufacturer to obtain one. If you are selling or trading your firearm to someone If you are selling or trading your firearm to someone else, be sure to transfer the owner’s manual to the new owner.

  2. I just got a SPR453 and am very impressed and I haven't even shot it yet. A few questions: My Rem 870 magazine extension won't screw on because the threads don't match.

  3. Remington Baikal Spr 453 Manual "B". Baikal IJ70 · Ballester Molina Remington 10, 11, 12 Rifle Factory Gunsmith Service Manual · Remington 14 Remington SPR-453 · Remington XP-100.

A look at the Remington/ Baikal SPR 453 12 gauge shotgun. This will shoot every cartridge out before the 1st one lands on the floor. It has Interchangable.

Just got it today. I downloaded the Owner's Manual (You would think buying it BRAND NEW it would come with one, but no lol) and assembled it following the instructions and everything seems to be sound.

Manual Remington Spartan Specifications: Ultra-light upland autoloader, Light contour 26" or 28" vent rib chrome-moly barrel. 6mm wide ventilated rib, Supplied with Improved Cylinder.