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  • Sources for Studio Knitting Machine Manuals (and some info on Brother and Passap machines too) If you have lost your manual or bought a machine without a manual here are a few places.Studio Tips and Techniques Issue 18 PE-1 Things the Manual Doesn't Tell You Studio Tips and Techniques Issue 19 AG-50 Intarsia Carriage Studio Tips and Techniques Issue 20 SC-3 Linking Attachment.RT1 Ribber Transfer Carriage User Manual is available for download here now. Knitting Machines etc. is the first place to stop for free downloads of Knitting Machine Manuals, Knitting Machine User Guides, Knitting Machine Service Manuals and Machine Knitting Magazines.The KA-8300 is a Ribber Transfer Carriage for Brother Knitking 5.6 Gauge 252344612426 NEW TRANSFER CARRIAGE KA8300 for Brother Studio Standard Gauge Knitting Machine - .70. All New Transfer Carriage KA8300 for Brother KnitKing Silver Reed Singer Studio Knitmaster 4.5mm (5.6 Gauge) Knitting Machine Other Standard Gauge Knitting Machines.Brother KA7100 - KA8300 Transfer Carriage User Guide for Brother Knitting Machine.Carole Wurst of Rocking Horse Farm demonstrates the Brother/KnitKing Ribber Transfer Carriage. **Please note: do not lower the ribber bed without first disconnecting the carriages.

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