Silent Hunter 5®: Battle of the Atlantic must be installed before you can run the game. To install You can also bring up the recognition manual button to compare the actual ship to the intelligence image, and learn how to recognise it later.Dec 5, 2013 Complete Guide For Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic A first rate manual torpedo solution can easily sink ships at 2000 meters. from the identification book and take a measurement with the stadimeter - 5000 meters, .Silent Hunter 3 Recognition Manual MultiSH3 coded by Potoroo allows the player to have multiple copies of SH3 on Recognition Manual V2.0 Patch 2.1 Fix : Recognition Manual V2.0 Patch 2.1. Silent Hunter 3 introduced an advanced crew management aspect to virtual I took the recognition files from CapnScurvy's.Federation Ship Recognition Manual. Edit. Edit source History Talk (3) Share.5 Starship Recognition Manual Passenger Facilities: Up to 45 civilians The Bader class scout was designed and con-structed by A’Alakor Landiss Inc, an Andorian.Patch 1.2 Details - Release Date May 11th - UPDATED; Thread Tools. SH5 patch 1.2 will be released on the 11th of May. Changes - Several fixes to ship recognition manual - Man the deck gun / flak gun orders doesn’t cost morale anymore - No more crewmembers on burning ships.

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Instruction manual for the PC submarine simulation game Silent Hunter 5 can also bring up the recognition manual button to compare the actual ship to the .Manual TDC - A tutorial for newbies - updated 13.March Open the recognition manual with the "N" button and select the nation. "Japan" for all naval military vessels, "Merchant" for all merchant vessels. so we select "Japan": Turn the pages until we find the match: When you have determined the type of ship, click the button i've marked.silent hunter 4 ship recognition manual reviews and review ratings for Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the. The manual targeting data and is completely obscured by the recognition manual. The silent hunter 4 recognition manual pdf 00 is a file called Bible.pdf or the. Its useful to note that SH4 has been released.I took the recognition manual cfg and dds files from CapnScurvy’s Ship Centered, Accuracy Fix mod, but didn’t use all the other mods he packaged with it. I modified the game’s Commands.cfg myself to fix the key command issue.Apr 19, 2007 AOB has always been manual, which is realistic. Speed should not be First of all, this makes ship recognition much easier. Secondly, it takes .You shall be able to bring down some nice ships using Manual Torpedo Firing in Silent Hunter 5 and make it more interesting to play. Unfotunatley the Stock Game has many key features missing which.

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Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews What button brings up the ship recognition manual? Playing with Wolves of Steel 1.06 mod (uplay) but it should be the same key. Can't find it anywhere.Stupid design when a player can't find a way to bring up the recognition.The Federation Ship Recognition Manual is intended for Star Fleet personnel with a "need to know" concerning information on the Star Fleet vessels. This comprehensive study discloses all known combat, visual, and historical data on 42 different Federation ships and their variants.WARNING READ BEFORE PLAYING You can also bring up the recognition manual button to compare the actual ship to the intelligence image, and learn how to recognise it later. 11 The Museum Menu looks like this: CONTROLS AND INTERFACE Gameplay Controls Silent Hunter.What Ubisoft Store; - Several fixes to ship recognition manual The existence of another ship that looks identically with the targeted one may generate confusion.Manual Targeting System: When selected, you must enter the appropriate information into yourself educated, and to train in the art of ship recognition.Download Enhanced Recognition Manual (continued) More Silent Hunter 5 Mods The mod include an enhanced recon manual, the XO TDC dialog panel and also add green marking lines where the broken stadimeter should be to get the proper range value, so it can be used as an alternative stadimeter.