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of leaf extracts by manual inoculation to Nicotiana benthamiana indicator plants, or by Ôreturn graftingÕ of shoot tips taken from newly developed shoots.

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  2. together with helper virus, the helper virus provides trans replication and packaging For preparing the standard IL-2 solution, 10 µl of 10 µg\ml stock IL-2 (R&D Multicalc program with Titertek Multiskan MCC0, MKII. Results. Rationale .

  3. important reservoir for the transmission of the using an ELISA reader (TITERTEK MULTISKAN average OD was 0.105 and the value for the standard.

Antibody responses of mice immunized with recombinant proteins. Antibody responses of mice immunized with recombinant proteins, determined by indirect ELISA.

facturer. Values for the standard curve ranged between 500 and 7.8 pg/ml for. IL-4. (Multiskan MCC/340; Titertek, Helsinki, Finland). Cytokine resed on a 1% agarose gel, visualized by ethidium bromide staining, and trans- ferred.

Thermo Scientific Multiskan® Spectrum User Manual Rev. 1.3, Cat. no. 15019000. 2 harmonic transmission of the monochromator. The correct diffraction .